Important info for adult learners

Aikuisopiskelijat huomio! Attention adult learners!

Good afternoon future learners of the great Finnish language

I look forward to seeing some of the familiar faces as well as meeting new ones this September.

I’d like to share a couple of pieces of practical information that you should consider prior to the course.

The lessons take place on selected Saturday mornings between 11am-12pm. The dates for the autumn are 9.9, 23.9, 30.9, 21.10, 4.11, 18.11 and on 2.12 we will celebrate Finland’s 100th independence day 🇫🇮

The fee for the whole year is £100 and it must be paid before the second lesson. The dates for the spring term will be confirmed during the autumn. Our school attempts to avoid lessons during school holidays.

The book that will be used during lessons is ’Sun Suomi’ which includes a vocabulary booklet and a CD on top of the exercise book. Here’s the link to thee website where you can order one:

The sooner you have to book, the better you can participate during lessons.

Again, I look forward to our first lesson on the 9th of September. We will learn how to greet and introduce ourselves in Finnish. A more detailed plan for the year will be provided during the second lesson.